Vitalize Radio is the ONLY community radio station in Torfaen. We are a not for profit organisation run entirely by volunteers around our full time jobs and family commitments.

Running Vitalize does however come at a cost, therefore, in order to continue running Vitalize, we are offering advertising opportunities to local businesses.

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During June 2019, Vitalize Radio had more than 1,470 unique individual listeners. These listeners are able to hear Vitalize Radio in a number of ways including via our website, our free mobile app, via smart speakers (Amazon Echo/ Alexa), and many more ways.

Content on the Vitalize Radio Facebook page gets posted to more than 1,300 fans who like the page.

Our recent total reach for posts on our Facebook page is 15,132. This is entirely organic, no content posted to the Vitalize Radio Facebook page has been via paid promotion.

You can advertise your business with Vitalize Radio in a matter of minutes. Whether that’s on the radio or on our website, your business name will soon be seen and/ or heard by thousands around Torfaen and further afield.

How much does it cost to advertise on Vitalize Radio?

  • Advertise on Vitalize Radio website (sidebar) – £10 per month
  • Advertise on Vitalize Radio (on air) – £20 per month
  • Advertise on our news posts (underneath the article) – £30 per month
  • Advertise on our news posts (at top of page under title) – £40 per month
  • Advertise on Vitalize Radio website (homepage) – £50 per month

How do I advertise on Vitalize Radio?

Our new booking system above is nice and simple to use. In a few short steps, you can advertise with Vitalize.

  1. Provide an image (Company logo)
  2. Write some text to go with the image – we can also use this for on air adverts.
  3. Choose if you want people to visit your website or call a phone number. This is your Call To Action area.
  4. Provide debit/ credit card details to process payment.

Once all steps are completed, an alert will be sent to Vitalize Radio to process your advert. Processing will be handled almost immediately by a Vitalize Radio team member, and your advert will soon be live.

Anything else

Should you wish to talk to us about anything not covered here, please email [email protected]

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