Interested in advertising on Vitalize Radio?

Vitalize Radio is unlike any Community Radio Station in the area. We currently only broadcast online and listeners can listen via our website, or, via their Smart Phone using the OFFICIAL Vitalize Radio App or the TuneIn App on their IOS or Android devices. Listeners can now take Internet Radio anywhere!

Vitalize Radio is based at the heart of the community of Torfaen. It is owned and run by a team of volunteers that live in and around the Torfaen area. We believe that advertising should be cost effective, affordable and value for money. Why not advertise your LOCAL business, on your LOCAL radio station!

You can advertise with Vitalize Radio in a number of ways – from sponsoring the time check at the top of the hour, sponsoring the weather reports, sponsoring a show or a general on air advert.

Our aim is to work with you to find an advert that meets your business and budget needs.

You can find our current advertising rates… HERE.

Our pricing is competitive. However, if there is something you want and cannot find, please contact us and we will work to build and develop a package suited for you.

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