Big Brother duo come to blows on The Jeremy Kyle Show

Written by on 7th March 2018


An unlikely duo came to blows on Wednesday’s episode (March 7) of The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Lauren Harries and Lisa Appleton, both of Big Brother fame, were guests on today’s show where they revealed they had flown to Benidorm together but fell out shortly after.

Lauren, who was the first guest to speak to host Jeremy Kyle, said Lisa had ruined the holiday by stealing medicine she needed for her spine and demanding to see her without her top on.

Lisa, on the other hand, claimed Lauren had ruined the holiday by being a man-eater and “pulling married men”.

She also claimed Lauren ‘called the police because she didn’t like her salad’ and almost got the pair arrested, which Lauren herself later revealed to be true.


“I called the police on my salad,” she said. “It had olives that had pips in them. Pitted olives shouldn’t be in a salad.”

Lisa also said it was Lauren’s man-eating ways that made the pair fall out.

“She was pulling everyone’s husbands and boyfriends and women were hitting her,” she added.


At this point, Lisa stood up and mimicked Lauren’s behaviour, much to the reality star’s annoyance.

Nonetheless, while Lisa was willing to lay the quarrel to rest, Lauren refused and the pair were sent off for counselling with Graham.

We dare say they may need it.

The Jeremy Kyle Show airs weekdays on ITV.

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