Donate to support Vitalize Radio!

Written by on 12th December 2018

It’s a little awkward to ask, but we need your help.

Vitalize Radio is 100% non-profit meaning any income no matter how big or small serves a purpose that allows Vitalize Radio to continue to serve its purpose as a community organisation offering voluntary training opportunities.

Our volunteers dedicate their free time to make a difference in the community around their jobs and family commitments, and without them, Vitalize Radio wouldn’t be possible.

Running Vitalize Radio does however come at a cost, we have to cover the Rent, Licensing, Equipment, Utilities, and more. Many of our volunteers regularly donate a small amount of money in order to keep Vitalize Radio alive, however, we still require assistance to keep Vitalize Radio operating as Torfaen’s Community Radio Station.

We use PayPal as a secure method of transfer, you can also choose how much you’d like to donate, and how often too!

To donate, just press the button below!

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