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Written by on 9th May 2019

A group of young men from Torfaen have launched an online marketplace that sells products with minimal or no impact on the environment.

ELARM Environmental was founded by four friends from South Wales, aged between 19 and 20. 

One of the partners, Matthew Probert of Sebastopol said “We were all motivated by a lack of change in negative attitudes to caring for our natural environment; these attitudes have led to huge issues such as excessive use of non degrading plastics, over-consumption of food sources – especially fisheries, and, the huge climate impacts caused by the use of fossil fuels and production of meat.

Excessive consumption is part of the problem and we hope to inspire change in the these attitudes. 

Humanity as a whole needs to be more aware of the detrimental effects our behaviours are having on our natural environment, we are slowly waking up but not fast enough.

We aim to help change these attitudes and if we are able to inspire even one more person to be more conscious; then that is a success in our eyes.

Products on our website will have to meet at least one of our stringent criteria to be listed.  We will be looking to expand our product constantly including vegan and biodegradable products”.

All of us at Vitalize Radio are keen to check out what products are on offer and we wish the boys the best of luck with their new venture.

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