Media organisation awarded National Lottery Funding

Written by on 11th March 2018

Vitalize UK, the media organisation behind Torfaens community radio station – Vitalize Radio has been awarded a grant of £10,000 for training opportunities with local radio.

This funding will enable successful delivery of training workshops to a variety of community individuals, groups and organisations.

The project will provide opportunities for all especially younger people, to express their opinions and views on current affairs, Brexit, American laws and more local and national topical news issues.

The training project will tie in with partner agencies and advertisers that we currently work with to look to address a series of locally identified issues such as adverse unemployment rates, mental health, and youth crime rates.

The training will provide practical opportunities through on air radio discussions, online blog writing and through open group discussions.

A training package will provide these opportunities which will build a stronger community focus and voice (from a phone in/ blog discussion forum) that will be developed and allow young people in particular who cannot access employment at this stage to increase their communication skill base and present a more professional approach to local employers.

Through our partnership working to date we have already identified several local people and groups that will immediately begin the training workshops. This will allow us to instantly impact on the desired outcomes of building more localised strong community cohesion and resilience and giving young people who cannot access employment the chance to fulfil some of their potential.

Founder & Station Manager – Dan Williams

Founder and Station Manager, Dan Williams said

With support from Big Lottery Fund and National Lottery players, Vitalize UK is now able to offer an excellent and unique opportunity to individuals, community groups and organisations.

Deputy Station Manager – Steve Jenkins

Deputy Station Manager, Steve Jenkins added

 This gives the station security for the future and its plans to be a long lasting, positive hub in the Torfaen area.

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Since the National Lottery began in 1994, £34 billion has been raised and more than 450,000 grants awarded.

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