Mountain fires break out in Cwmbran

Written by on 7th May 2018

On Monday afternoon, several fires broke out on the mountain behind Upper Cwmbran.

The news first broke via Facebook on a group for Blaen Bran Community Woodland with one person revealing that the mountain was on fire. Fire services were believed to be in immediate attendance as soon as knowledge of the fires broke out.

It is believed that the fires were started deliberately with one person saying:

Luckily the wind has taken most of it up and away from Blaen Bran.

Another person added:

A lady just descending, said it is higher than the reservoir.


© Susie Sue on Facebook

Members of the Blaen Bran Community Group have mentioned the visibility of the fires from various areas in Torfaen.

The woodland is a privately owned area of 100 acres of woodland above Upper Cwmbran which is run and maintained by the Blaen Bran Community Woodland trust. The woodland has a long term lease which has over 900 years to go! As long as the trust maintain the area in accordance with the lease agreement, it will remain a community woodland.

Its location backing onto Mynydd Maen common land allows it to be part of walking trails linking to Twmbarlum Mountain, Cwmcarn Forest Drive and across to Pontymoile.

The woodland welcomes visitors, and allows them to bring along dogs. Horses riders are also welcomed to the woodland. Picnics are allowed on the grounds of Blaen Bran, however, BBQs are not allowed except for events arranged by the committee or as part of woodland management work overseen by the committee or volunteer coordinator.

To find out more about Blaen Bran, head to the Facebook group here.

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