Remember Gavin and Stacey? Well here is Baby Neil now!

Written by on 20th August 2018

Sit back. We have freakish news!

We all remember Nessa (played by Ruth Jones), and Smithy (played by James Corden) having an unusual relationship.

Well, one massive outcome of that relationship was Baby Neil!

Here is a photo and scene from the show below to remind you:


(Source: Smooth Radio, 2018)

As it has been awhile, 10 years to be exact! Since the birth of Baby Neil in season two.

Baby Neil is Ten Years Old!

Here he is now:


(Source: The Mirror, 2018)

The real-life Baby Neil is called Lewis, who played Baby Neil in Gavin and Stacey’s excellent Christmas Special.

Lewis, from Swansea, turned ten years old this year.

His mum, Emily Merchant contacted BBC Three with news on how ‘Baby Neil’ is coping, and that he is no ‘baby’ no more!

Emily Merchant told BBC Three,

“He loves football and is a big ‘Swans’ fan.”

But it came to no surprise that Lewis is also a huge Gavin and Stacey fan too.

Emily added that the family watch Gavin and Stacey’s Christmas special every year, stating Lewis has watched it “loads of times”, and that “he loves the show”.

When the image of Lewis Merchant appeared on Twitter, Late Late Show host James Corden who played Smithy (Baby Neils father) in the show, tweeted “Holy S**t”.

Fans of Gavin and Stacey should remember Smithy and Dave Coaches bantering over what team Baby Neil should support, either West Ham United of Cardiff City.

However, Lewis Merchant (Baby Neil) is a Swansea Jack!

It is known that Lewis still owns the Hammers kit that Smithy gave to him as a present during the Christmas special.

Although Lewis would love to appear back on the show one day, he has now gone on to appear on stage in Swansea, playing the character of Peter Pan. Yet, Lewis’s one love is football and Swansea City.

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