Support Us

Vitalize Radio is Torfaen’s only not for profit community radio station. We are run entirely by volunteers many who have full time jobs and family commitments alongside being involved with the station.

Running Vitalize Radio costs, and we need your support to help keep Vitalize Radio operating as Torfaen’d community radio station.

There are a number of ways you can provide this support, including:

  1. Donations and support from listeners and community members
  2. Advertising & Sponsorship – from radio adverts to sponsored features, shows and segments
  3. Grant funding – to support various projects, provide training opportunities and replace equipment as and when required.

If you have stumbled onto this page & you want to kindly support us, please head over to our donate page, where you can give a one off or regular donation.

If you are part of a local business and would like to support us by advertising or sponsoring Vitalize Radio, please head to this page for more details on our packages available.

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