TEN signs that you’re in the wrong job

Written by on 25th January 2018

We know that finding a job in this economy isn’t easy, but what about finding the right job? As to whether you can leave it or not is another matter, but just the realisation that you aren’t in the right place can help you as the first step to get there.

1. You think you’re in the wrong job

Firstly, you’re reading this article, so you probably suspect that you aren’t doing what’s right for you. That could be for any number of reasons – pay, environment, type of job, hours. Although unfortunately the list of ‘wrong’ things for you, personally, is nearly endless. If you think that you need a change, why not really do it? You may just find an opportunity for a step in the right direction.

2. You hate waking up in the morning

Well, who doesn’t? But there’s more to it than that. Perhaps worse yet, you hate going to sleep at night because you know you will have to get up in the morning and go back to work. This is quite a serious one because it can also be an indicator of some mental health issues like depression. Although not a given of course, but it can be a slippery slope. Don’t compromise your well-being for a job. It’s never worth it.

3. You hate your colleagues, although they’re nice people

When you go to work and find that all your colleagues are rude, unpleasant, or just plain unreasonable, you’ve either hit the jackpot for worst place to work (hint: the prize is misery) or it’s actually you that’s being unpleasant. If you think your colleagues are actually quite nice but you just can’t get on with them, that may be the job talking. That, or the four cups of coffee it took you to wake up enough to actually get to work.

4. You feel that everyone has it in for you

Similarly to point number 3, if you feel like everyone in the chain of command has it in for you, that could be due to poor management, badly trained managers or a lack of proper leadership. Either way, it makes the work day less pleasant for everyone involved, and it’s not an environment you want to be in any longer than you have to.

5. You can’t enjoy life outside of work anymore

If you find that you are losing interest in your hobbies, no longer really want to go out and do things, and mainly just sleep or binge on Netflix, that’s a pretty big warning sign too. It, again, can be an early sign of depression. If you think that it’s caused by your job (in all fairness, it could be something else too), you should really look at some alternatives better suited for you.

6. You start to feel ill more often than usual

Who hasn’t had the common cold/ man-flu on occasion? Or a headache absolutely unrelated to that last shot of Tequila? It happens. We’ve all taken sick days for it. But, when you find yourself making excuses to call in sick, or exaggerating small issues as a reason not to have to work as much, that’s no good. In an ideal world we would all enjoy our jobs, but bar that, they should at least not make us sick.

7. You start to ‘trim the fat’ at work unnecessarily

When you find that you have the time, skills and resources to do a task correctly but you end up doing the bare minimum/ cutting corners anyway, that’s a pretty good sign. It’s perfectly normal to do this when you don’t have the time to do it properly but when you find yourself unable to make an effort on even the simplest tasks, it’s probably because your job isn’t right for you. Sorry!

8. You find yourself looking at alternatives

Ever catch yourself looking at different job posts during your lunch break (or the rest of your day)? It’s perfectly normal to want to stay informed about what else is out there, but if you find yourself seriously considering applying, or you’ve applied already, that’s a pretty definite sign about your current job. There’s nothing wrong with looking out for something better though – it often takes people a few tries to figure out what they really want to do, so keep trying.

9. Your homepage is now a job-board

If you’ve replaced Google (or any other search engines) with a job-board as your homepage, you’re definitely in the wrong job, and you’re starting to realise that which is great. If you’re so committed to looking for something new that you’ve made it your homepage, you’ll probably want to leave your current job ASAP. In the meantime, don’t get caught. Bosses often don’t appreciate this. Do tell the truth though when you need time off for an interview. You do want them to give a good reference and lying is not the way to get it!

10. Your family are beginning to comment

If you’re unhappy at work, odds are the people in your life have started to notice. Maybe they’ve even said something, or started asking how it’s going more often. Being in an unpleasant work environment can affect more than just a few hours a day. People often become quite cranky and unpleasant when stressed, so think about that the next time one of them shows concern.

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