Vitalize Radio: What’s the story?

Written by on 21st May 2018

Here are the answers to some of our most FAQs:

– Where are you based?
We are now based in Griffithstown, Torfaen. Our first studio was in Fairwater, Cwmbran. We later moved to New Inn for one year.

– How do you make money from this?
The radio station is able to make gain an income by local businesses advertising on the station. The income generated then gets re-invested back into the station to provide stability for the future of Vitalize Radio.

– Can anyone get involved in the radio station?
Yes! If you have a passion for music, radio or just want to try something different, we’ll welcome you as part of the team.

– Can I have my own show even if I’ve never done radio before?
Sure, we’ll be providing training opportunities which will give you the required basic set of skills to get your own show broadcasted out live.

For more information, follow our Facebook page and feel free to send us a message.

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