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Current show

Through The Night

10:00 pm 12:00 am


The Lockdown Sessions

Welcome to The Lockdown Sessions with Steve Jenkins from Vitalize Rock & Metal show.

This is where you can listen to a selection of interviews with worldwide known artists from the Rock and Metal industry.

Embodiment – Harry and Finn

Embodiment (UK) are a Death Metal band with more to them than meets the eye. In this interview, Steve speaks to Harry and Finn.

Abbie – Abbie ‘Stabby’ Art

Abbie ‘Stabby’ is a freelance Illustrator situated in East Yorkshire who takes inspiration from all sort of places. Find Abbie ‘Stabby’ Art on Facebook for more info.

Death Ingloria – Galina

Death Ingloria is an innovative Animated Space Rock Project. Steve speaks to Galina to find out more.

Testament – Eric Peterson

Steve speaks to Eric Peterson, an American guitarist, best known as a member of the American thrash metal band Testament

Ashen Crown – Kieran

Steve speaks to Ashen Crown vocalist Kieran. Ashen Crown are a Metal band from the West Midlands, UK.

Vader – Piotr

Steve speaks to Piotr, lead guitarist and vocalist from Polish death metal legends Vader.

Sertraline – Lizzie

Steve speaks to Lizzie, vocalist from Sertraline.

Khemmis – Phil

Steve speaks to Phil from American doom metal band, Khemmis.

Rob Bannister – Compere of Bloodstock Music Festival

Steve speaks to Bloodstock Music Festival Compere Rob Banister about all things Bloodstock!

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veronica

Steve speaks to Veronica from Fleshgod Apocalypse

Gutlocker – Craig

Steve speaks to Craig from Gutlocker

Agrona – Alyn

Steve speaks to Alyn from Agrona

Damaged Reich – Joe

Steve speaks to Joe, vocalist from thrash metal band Damaged Reich

Ward XVI – Dr Von Stottenstien & Psychoberrie

Steve speaks to Dr Von Stottenstien & Psychoberrie from Ward XVI

Onslaught – Nige

Steve speaks to Nige, guitarist from Bristol thrash metal band Onslaught

Becky Baldwin Bass

Steve speaks to Becky Baldwin Bass about her usually busy schedule and future plans!

Kilonova – Ellen

Geordie thrashers Kilonova chat to Steve about their love of the UK scene

The Wise Mans Fear – Paul

Fantasy core band The Wise Man’s Fear talk about their new album

Currents – Brian

Steve speaks to Conneticut Metalcore Bruisers, Currents.

Solitary – Roy

Steve speaks to Preston Thrash Veterans, Solitary.

Herbicidal – Jake

Steve speaks to Jake from Bristol Stoner Death Metal band, Herbicidal.

Emmure – Frankie

Steve speaks to Frankie from American metalcore band, Emmure.

Imperial Age – Alexander and Jane

Steve speaks to Alexander and Jane from symphonic metal band, Imperial Age.

King Kraken – Mark and Richard

Steve speaks to Mark and Richard from heavy rock/ metal band, King Kraken.

Feuerschwanz – Ben

Folk Metallers Feuerschwanz chat to Steve about their new double album

Acid Reign – Howard

British Thrash veterans Acid Reign talk about the future of the live scene

Dies Holocaustum – Jon & Rob

Bristol death Metallers Dies Holocaustum talk about their latest album and plans for the next!

Cro-Mags – Harley

Kim Jennett

Electric Priestess – Rich

Ensiferum – Pete

God Dethroned – Henri

Cranial Seperation – Chris

Primal Fear – Ralf

Warkings – The Crusader

Sodomized Cadaver – Gav

Destruction – Schmier

Krysthla – Adrian

Control The Storm – Rae

Allegaeon – Riley

Bloodshot Dawn – Josh

Curses – Davey, Brandon & Michael

Unleash The Archers – Brittney Slayes

Conflict – Anna Hel

Sepulchre – Darren & Aimee


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