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Covid-19: Statement from Torfaen Council leader, Cllr Anthony Hunt

Written by on 6th April 2020

Leader of Torfaen Council, Cllr Anthony Hunt, says:

After a sunny weekend, I’d like to thank the vast majority of Torfaen residents who stuck to the social distancing guidelines. You sacrificed your own short-term pleasure for the good of others, and for that I am grateful. Your self-discipline will help us get through this pandemic quicker, and will save lives.

Leader of Torfaen Council, Cllr Anthony Hunt

As a reminder, we should remain at home unless going to an essential place of work, caring for others, getting essential supplies or for a daily form of exercise.

To those self-isolating at the moment, I hope you are coping at a difficult time – I know it can’t be easy to be stuck at home without contact from others.

If you know someone self-isolating, please pick up the phone or use social media to stay in touch with them and help them through this time with practical and emotional support. If anyone self-isolating is in need of support, please contact us on 01495 762200 or at [email protected] and we will do our best to help with essential supplies and prescription collection, alongside local groups and organisations. We are prioritising those on the shielding scheme, but we will do our best to help and advise any vulnerable people who haven’t got other support and who need assistance at this time.

I’m pleased to report that public areas across Torfaen were far quieter than usual over the weekend, with most people using our parks doing so within the guidelines of using them only for daily exercise and respecting social distancing.

However, if you are one of the few people still socialising and not respecting the Government guidelines, please think again. Your selfish actions will cost lives and prolong this crisis. One of the many issues with this virus is that people can be unaware carriers. Don’t let your actions and their impact on others sit on your conscience.

Also, please can everyone act considerately towards others when at home. We’ve had complaints about bonfires in gardens. Please light any fires with consideration for your neighbours, some of whom may have breathing difficulties and will be anxious about controlling those at a time like this.

As the Queen said last night, if we pull together, we can get through this and things can get back to normal. Doing so requires each of us to take personal responsibility.

Thank you to all those Torfaen residents who are doing that, and thank you to the wonderful public service and essential workers going above and beyond the call of duty at this time, treating people in our NHS and care sector, keeping food shops open, collecting refuse, providing childcare, responding to emergencies and more. Council staff have been doing their jobs and offering themselves for redeployment in essential areas at this time – their dedication makes me proud to be their Leader.

Thanks also to the volunteers in our communities who are making such a difference helping others – in times of trouble, the incredible strength of our communities shows itself. Together, we can beat this.