Vitalize is a development project providing life skills and training within the Media sector. We offer support in Radio, Blogging, Video, Photography & much more.

Broadcasting online & via app across South Wales and the rest of the world.

Vitalize Radio offers compelling content for a wide demographic alongside great music and popular songs familiar to a wide audience of millions across the country. We focus on building confidence and self esteem of individuals that may come from a disadvantaged background, may not have the life skills necessary to find and secure long term employment as well as those that just have an interest in paving a career within the industry.

Vitalize Radio; A multi platform brand.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Vitalize Radio Team! They have made creating a radio campaign extremely easy and was so impressed with the on air support for our show! I would recommend Vitalize Radio to any other local business.

Our Audience:

Vitalize Radio has a wide selection of presenters, each who bring something unique to the station. We have shows for those that like Rock & Metal, we also have a show for those ‘twenty somethings‘ that have no idea where they’re going in life, a Trance show for those who like something a little different and a Request show for those who like a selection of everything amongst a wide variety of other shows.


Each show has an individual following from fans worldwide, some local and close to home, and others the other side of the world entirely! As an internet based radio station and media organisation, our content is created to cater for listeners of a variety of ages, locations and interests.


For most people radio over the internet still seems very new but apparently it is not. New Scientist reported that “since the mid-1980s it has been possible to save digitized audio in files and send them over the Internet using standards devised by companies like Sun Microsystems and Microsoft.” The first internet-only radio station, The Internet Multicasting Service (IMS) was founded in 1993 by a technologist, author and public domain advocate, Carl Malamud. A non-profit organisation, IMS depended largely on charitable contributions for its survival. It closed down in 1996 but it was the start of the deluge.


With the advancement of technology in todays society, Internet Radio has the opportunity to evolve and expand. Most modern technology has a way of streaming content such as mobile phones, tablets, TVs and games consoles alongside laptops and computers, This provides an opportunity for almost everyone worldwide to stream audio content, particularly younger audiences.


What our Audience Wants:

A similar format to other UK stations providing news and weather.

Our music library has a huge selection of singles – over 30,000 to be exact! We are able to use this to find something to suit approximately 9 out of every 10 listeners. As well as these 30,000 tracks, we are also constantly adding to our library with current and upcoming artists both signed and unsigned from local and national backgrounds.

The music and features are key – so news is limited to being broadcast per day, giving time mid morning/ afternoon for the music to breathe.


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Vitalize Radio

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