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Gavin Andrew

Written by on 14th November 2019

Name – Gavin Andrew
Birthday – 2nd October
Star sign – Libra
Job – Teacher

What is your favourite…

Genre of music – I like everything from Classical to really modern bc stuff Food – Chinese
Film – Thrillers or Horrors but I like films you have to think about.

Why did you join Vitalize Radio?

I’ve always wanted to be a radio presenter. I bumped into Jan in town, she told me how great it was. I wen for an interview and then not long after I joined.

What’s the best thing about being part of Vitalize?

I’ve made loads of friends, I love music and I enjoy making a difference in the community.

Name your top 3 songs of all time…

Three songs, are you crazy!! No I can’t only choose three!
Anything by Eternal, my bedroom wall was covered with pictures of them.
I also love new Country music – Lonestar (are my favs) but I also like Rascal flatts & Dan & Shay.
I enjoy songs that bring back memories. At the moment I also like Billie Eilish something completely different

Favourite show on Vitalize (not your own) and why?

I genuinely like them all but “Just Jesse” wins. He is my son, he presents his entire show in Welsh and makes it look super easy. I’m super proud of him.

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

I sat on a bench, at Greenmeadow Community Farm, it was rotten and I fell on the floor!! There were loads of people there and they laughed!

What makes Vitalize Radio different from any other?

Vitalize Radio is amazing. It’s a non profit station that serves the community. The music is personal to each presenter and the range of genres is massive. The people behind the station are genuinely lovely people who all want to make a difference. I was pleased to be a part of it but I’m over the moon to be the manager of it.

If you had to partner with another presenter, who would it be and why?

To be honest I’d like to have a go with everyone. I have had Ieuan on my show for a while, I’ve really enjoyed that. Great to chat on and off air. However at the moment if I had to pick one it would be Jo n Vikks Pick n Mix because I find the show relaxing and I love the chatter. Actually I could think of a reason for any of them, what a great idea!! Who would like to go first?

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